2FNatural Hot Springs Heiwajima

A natural hot springs bathing facility in Ota City, Tokyo. Open 24/7

Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima is one of the finest natural hot springs in the capital, pumping up 150 tons of water a day from 2,000 meters underground. The sodium-chloride spring water forms a thin layer over your skin, preventing evaporation and keeping your skin moist and smooth. Not only a large bathhouse, Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima packages everything that embodies relaxation under one roof! We have a room with TV-equipped recliner chairs, a large-screen TV area with a sauna, massage services, much talked about foot reflexology, and a variety of baths, even outdoor baths fed by natural thermal waters. Unwind, refresh, and enjoy a relaxing time, anytime! Located about 15 minutes by car from Haneda Airport, Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima is a perfect spot to drop by for those who fly early in the morning or late at night!!

General Information

Entertainment: Hot Spring Facility
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Open 7 days a week